Facial Tissue Box OrF03 - Happy Fish

facial tissues FOr-03facial tissues FOr-03
facial tissues FOr-03facial tissues FOr-03
facial tissues FOr-03facial tissues FOr-03
facial tissues FOr-03facial tissues FOr-03
facial tissues FOr-03facial tissues FOr-03

Facial Tissue Box with Happy Fish design

To improve your health system's performance, view this design more and more, but why?

Do you think why experienced dentists have aquarium at their offices? And why psychologists encourage people to spend times around warm tropical beaches to increase relaxation and charge their mood!!

The psychologists believe that fish swimming in the water (especially blue color one) actually help you to improve your health performance. So most of dentist have aquarium at their offices to reduce patients' anxiety due to terribly injections and provide more relaxation for them before that.

Reduction blood pressure and heart rate is one of the most achievements of fish swimming observing. Scientists say that fish swimming creates a hypnotic in humans in which the mood will be improved extremely.

This design for facial tissue box packaging have an effects on consumers similar what said above. During using tissue box with this happiness and relaxing design on it, the consumers will experience better condition in their mood and life.

This design with happy fish in which they are swimming in waves of blue water , remind us vitality and freshness of coastal areas.

The main reason of using blue color for this design is the super-relaxing and soothing of the blue color. The color that increase relaxation of mind, body and inner confidence. In color therapy the blue is used to motivate being in healthy conditions, reduce pains and blood pressure.

Blue is the color of sky, ocean and dream. Also the color of Wednesday.Ancient Egyptians used the Ultramarine blue color for heaven and sky. The blue is color of honesty and spirituality.

Since the blue color acts as an appetite reducer, so it cannot be used for dining room and kitchen unless you are on a diet!!!

Also it can be a choice color for bathroom, pool, pillows, beds and so on because it is a relaxing color.

Finally, the blue color can treat depressed people.



What's included in the package:

  1. Facial tissue box 's layered Artwork  in psd format
  2. product images of tissue box (jpeg)
  3. License agreement
  4. No Mockups included !
  5. No psd layered files included for multiple baseline design.


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7-Zip (.7z)
PSD Photoshop, Product Images, License Agreement
CS4 and later
300 DPI
34.30 × 41.30 cm