Facial Tissue Box OrF13

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facial tissue-orf13-01facial tissue-orf13-01facial tissue-orf13-01
facial tissue-orf13-03facial tissue-orf13-03facial tissue-orf13-03
facial tissue-orf13-02facial tissue-orf13-02facial tissue-orf13-02

Facial Tissue Box with Fabric Texture design

Very nice design for facial tissue box packaging in which fabric texture as the most international common emotion used.
Because of globalization of products and brands ,the people from different countries and situation have the same need for their life. So packaging with decorative strategy in its design get high importance in every life.



What's included in the package:

  1. Facial tissue box 's layered Artwork  in psd format
  2. product images of tissue box (jpeg)
  3. License agreement
  4. No Mockups included !
  5. No psd layered files included for multiple baseline design.


The Download file is a 7-zip archive file ( '.7z'). If you encountered any issues refer to : http://www.7-zip.org/ for more information.
For Mac users , to unarchive files refer to: http://7zx.en.softonic.com/mac


7-Zip (.7z)
PSD Photoshop, Product Images, License Agreement
CS4 and later
300 DPI
34.30 × 41.30 cm